What Are True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Headphones?

TWS Technology Basics

What wizardry means that you can listen to music through earbuds with no wires? That amazing invention that modern audio technology owes a huge debt to. Bluetooth.

When you own a pair of TWS earbuds with a specific “master” earbud (e.g., you have to use at least the left earbud to be able to listen to music) then that earbud becomes the primary Bluetooth connection to your phone. Music is then sent to your other (e.g., the right) earbud via a secondary connection. Picture this system as a set of invisible wires between your phone and the earbuds.

If you have dual master earbuds, such as TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 and 79, then either of the earbuds that you pick up first can be the “master” and create the primary connection. This means you do not have to think about which earbud to grab if you have an incoming call.

TWS vs Wireless Headphones

With all the “wired/wireless/TWS” names, one thing must be answered: what is the difference between wireless headphones, and True Wireless earbuds?

Wireless headphones still have Bluetooth connectivity, and, confusingly, still have wires. However, there is no wire connecting your phone to your headphones; these wires join the earbuds together. A wire will wind around the back of your neck. This is especially great for working out, as the magnetized earbuds can be connected together to form a “necklace” if you need to take a break.

True Wireless, or TWS Bluetooth headphones, do not have this restriction. They have no connecting wires, even between the earbuds. This means that you can hand an earbud to a friend a meter away and not have to worry about the wires keeping you close together. This is the TWS meaning in earbuds!

TWS Technology Applications

True wireless technology is not specifically applied to earbuds, though thus far it is the most popular usage. Other common applications for the technology includes using it for speakers and chargers. If there are no wires, but a Bluetooth connection is still there, your device may be truly wireless!

Advantages of Using TWS Bluetooth Headphones

Thinking of making the switch to True Wireless? Here are three benefits of these modern earbuds.

1. Total Freedom

When you buy true wireless, you own total audio freedom. You are no longer connected to your phone at all times; leave it on one side of the room as you dance across to the other side, with your hands completely free. Trust us: once you experience no wires and he tangle-free lifestyle, you won’t go back.

2. Total Versatility

As you might have realized, having total freedom means having total versatility. Share your music with your friends while you walk apart or wear only one earbud at a time. You can wear this kind of earbud anytime, anywhere. See our FAQ section below for a more detailed exploration of the best time to use your TWS earbuds.

3. Reduce the Potential of Damage

Just because there is TWS in the name, does not mean that your earbuds are indestructible. However, the lack of wires does prevent wire-related destruction. When you use standard wired headphones—especially cheaper kinds—you run the risk of the connections getting damaged. This is particularly the case where the wire connects to the headphone jack, meaning one or both of your earbuds stops receiving audio. Cut the wires out to cut these problems out of your life.

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